Monday, 2 February 2015

The Great American Sentence: A Contest

From EasyStreetMag

Send us a sentence. The first sentence of your book, or just a stand-alone, a string of words minding their own business. In fact, send up to five sentences. We’ll publish the ones we like best, and we’ll pay the winner $5 a word.
Or $10 a word, if the contestant includes a link to a social media post promoting the contest.

Submit up to five sentences to, by midnight EST 28 February. They must be your own work. Paste all sentences into the body of the email. Include a link to at least one of your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, a personal blog, etc.), one that shares the contest by linking to this post. A contestant who includes such a link will be eligible for $10 a word, if she wins. A contestant who doesn’t will be eligible for $5 a word. Then wait patiently while we read the entries. Dream of that trip to Branson.

AQ! (Anticipated Questions)
Does the sentence have to be the first sentence of an actual book?
No, you can just make one up. In fact, if you’re smart, you’ll make another one up, and another, and finish the book, and thank us in the acknowledgements.

What if I write a sentence that goes on and on? Won’t you owe me a lot of money?
Yes, because you’ll certainly win with a run-on sentence. Remember how much your high school creative writing teacher loved them?

Why do we have to do the social media thing? Aren’t we marketing on your behalf?
Indeed. It’s the entire purpose of the contest—to promote our new journal. However, if you’d rather pay a submission fee . . .



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