Saturday, 18 October 2014

      Noir Nation
International Crime Fiction

Noir Nation No. 5: Jihad and its Metaphors

Now available on Amazon 

Featuring a host of Kick ass Authors and including my contribution 'Darko'

George Beck -  Deadly Mirage
Bianca Bellova - Stickey Business
Lauren Cahn - Flight From Floor 105
Lindsay Moran -  HUMINT
Deborah Pintonelli - Sequelles
Andrew Scorah - Touched by the Hand of God
A.J.Sidransky - Mother Knows Best
Frank Sonderborg - Darko
Jonathan Sturak - Don't Kill the Camel
Barbie Wilde -    Mr Duggin's Stigmata
The sword, the hood, the crimes that turn the sands of Abraham scarlet, and the weeping pain that circles the world 1,000 times before high noon, may seem to you like the video games you love to play in the dark, the kind played by self-sucking swine drunk on darkness. But look into my blue eyes and their pointy lashes and know my bullets are eternal. They shall sear like burning coal in your lower regions forever… All nine heavens shall laugh at you… I shall laugh at you… and your 72 virgins will be mine.

Noir Nation is the only mystery magazine in the world that joins international crime fiction and tattoos. Its content is often dark, hard-boiled, sometimes creepy, but because it embraces crime fiction in all its forms, readers can also enjoy the occasional humorous story and cozy mystery. Issue No. 5 explores the current conflict in Syria and Iraq from perspectives available only to fiction. It also includes interviews with former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik and exiled Iranian novelist Naïri Nahapétian, classic desert noir from Sax Rohmer, and an early detective story from Arabian Nights.

New fiction and nonfiction by George Beck, Bianca Bellová, Lauren Cahn, Doug Levy, Lindsay Moran, Andrew Scorah, Deborah Pintonelli, A.J. Sidransky, Sax Rohmer, Frank Sonderborg, Jonathan Sturak, Diane Vacca, Eddie Vega, and Barbie Wilde. 
An interesting Video was released on Youtube to advertise the book launch.
Cool, menacing & intriguing was one of the comments and I must agree. 
It is a magnificent piece of work. Check it out on the link below.

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