Sunday, 1 June 2014


Andrew Scorah has put together an anthology of fine writers called Shadows & Light. Where all  money from sales will be going to Women's Aid. They are a key national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children

I have had a short story called "The Summer of Penny Walsh" accepted for this edition. 
Its the story of youth and summer and a girl. It happened a long time ago. When the summer school holidays where hot and seemed to stretch on forever. I am sure every man and boy has a Penny Walsh story.This is mine.

It always gives me a buzz to be included with some excellent writers and make a noise for a great cause.

Here is the line up of Authors so far for the Charity Anthology:

A Ballard Tale:  
Andrew Scorah

Andrew Vachss

The Battered Wife:
Graham Masterton 

Seumas Gallacher

The Valley of the Shadow:
David Edgerley Gates

Keith Dixon

Williams of the Yard in:                                                       
The Foxborough Case:
Andrew Peters 

The Deaths of Andrea Ford:
David Monk             

Across the River:
Samuel Dickens

The Dare:
Juliet B Madison

The Other Wife:
Absolutely-Kate Pilarcik

The Last Girl on Earth:
K.A Hambly

The Summer of Penny Walsh:
Frank Sonderborg

Finding The Phoenix:
Caitlin O'Connor

Black-Eyed Susan:
Thomas Pluck

The Blues Detective:
The Affair of the Precious Packages:

Andrew Peters

All Mine:
George Beck  

Emily’s Valentine:
Gerry McCullough

Killing in the Name of:
Aidan Thorn 

The Princess The Fox & The Crow:
William Rose

The Scent of Pancakes:
Tina Bausinger 

The Man Behind the Curtain:
Paul D. Brazill

Doreen’s Tomorrows:
Gay Ingram

East Meets West:
Jane Morris

The Visit:
Dana Wright

Heaven’s Scar:
Caitlin O’Connor

Jane Unbound:
Kerry E.B. Black

Marie Bishop  

Almost Christmas:
Rayna L Stiner 

Floorboard Hoofbeats:
Cass McMain

An Irish Story:
Roderick Craig Low

Accounts Payable:
Hector Duarte Jr

The Same Old Story:
Kevin Holton

Little Brother:
Cath Bore

Through Two Unblackened Eyes:
Linda Bonney Olin

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