Thursday, 16 January 2014

 Story in The Big Adios - Yippee ki-yay

Just had my story "The Kid at the Crossing" accepted by The Big Adios
Now online at the home of great western stories on

About the Big Adios

The Big Adios was a digital magazine for those who dream of the freedom
and uncertainty imbued within the mythology of the American West.
We aim to tell big tales of men who live by their wits
and the cadence of their walk.
Of women who are cunning, smart and willing to endure
what any man has to set before them.
These are stories of spirit more so than
location or time, the American West is timeless as are its stories.
No its all gone to the big wagon train in the Interweb Sky.
But you can still get access to my story via the Wayback Web Archive Machine -

Feed Back:

Kid at the crossing, would like to see more from this author, realistic.

Bruce Harris :
Tense and plenty of action. Nicely done!