Thursday, 26 September 2013

Some great advice about submitting formats from Willam Shunn

 Proper Manuscript Format : Short Story Format

                        by William Shunn

     No one knows for certain how many good short stories are

passed over because the manuscripts containing them are formatted

poorly, but it is certain that a properly formatted manuscript

will be more eagerly read by an editor than a poorly formatted

one.  Here are a few suggestions.

     First, use black type on white paper only.  Other colors

make your work difficult to read, not to mention calling too much

attention to the manuscript itself.  Print on only one side of

the page.

     For easy readability, limit your choice of font to either

Courier or Times New Roman.  Courier (my strong preference) is a

monospaced font, which means that every character is exactly as 
wide as every other.

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