Saturday, 10 August 2013

Finally signed a contract for my short story 'Copenhagen Assault' with Pro Se Productions.
They had been sending me emails about the contract. Which I have never received. But finally, one got through so now its just a matter of editing the piece so the Editor is happy with it. I have no idea when this will be released or what the final name of the antholgy will be called.
It started out as a Pulp-alternative edition. But they are running with some many new titles with all sorts of New Pulp and Genre Fiction. That it could easily morph into another form entirely.
But as any Author will tell you, as long as it gets into print I will be very happy.

Thrilled to bits again again. Put forward a concept story 'Copenhagen Assault' that I have worked on for ages and it was accepted by Prose Press.
In fact it was a story that came as a running movie while I went to work each day.
I am so glad Drakes Krew exploits will get published and I hope I can expand it into a full blown eBook, Anyway a big thanks to for the opportunity.
Hi Frank!
Congrats! We've accepted your proposal for Pulpternative!
Just a few things to let you know about:
-Your story should be 10,000 words.
-It is due September 10th.
-You will receive contract on submission of the story.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Morgan Minor
Director of Corporate Operations
Pro Se Productions

PULPTERNATIVE!- This is your chance to write Pulpy tales based in completely alternate histories!  Have Julius Caesar discover America.  Have a milk truck run over Hitler when he’s three.  Have Montezuma take over most of the known world.  Whatever you want to have happen that isn’t what our history says it is, do so…but here’s the rule…These have to be clearly Pulp tales.  No grand philosophizing or comment on society today (unless you can slip it into a pulp cover and get it past us), just pure grade Pulp in histories that might have happened.  10,000 word stories, 3 slots open.

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