Saturday, 21 December 2013

I have had a Christmas story "The Sanity Clause" accepted by David Barber for the esteemed   THRILLS,Kills "n" CHAOS

Once again chuffed to bits to be included with some excellent writers

A Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to everybody

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thrilled to be included in the new Pulp Modern  # 6 JFK Edition

My story "Kingslayer" has passed through the eye of the editorial needle and 
will be included with a host of other great JFK stories in the new
Pulp Modern #6 JFK Issue

Here's the line-up for the JFK issue of PULP MODERN:

Terry Alexander
Joe Clifford
Ken Goldman
Ross Peterson
Rob Pierce
Eryk Pruitt
Chris Rhatigan
Mav Skye
Frank Sonderborg

Joe Clifford sets up the entire issue with a story where things are, appropriately, not at all what they seem.  
Sort of like what happened back in 1963.  
Then we get some 'straight' realism stories, including a piece by Rob Pierce that (in my humble opinion) should be nominated for a spot in the next Best American Short Stories collection.  
Ken Goldman then cranks up the 'what the hell?' factor with his story that leads into Chris Rhatigan's outrageous contribution and a story by a "new" writer named Mav Skye. 
The whole thing ends with Frank Sonderborg's meditation on presidential assassinations and the car that Kennedy died in. 
Hopefully the fiction in Pulp Modern #6 will live up to the fiction in the Warren Report... Editor Alec Cizak;

Pulp Modern is published by Alec Cizak and Uncle B. Publications

As the whole JFK thing goes into Hyper-drive its published and on Amazon

Just in time for the 22nd November 2013 Anniversary

Get it here

Which of course, is the day, 50yrs ago in Dallas, Camelot was extinguished.

Or so the legend goes. 

5***** Amazon Review for Pulp Modern #6 JFK

One of the most unique journals I've read in a long time.

 These stories are tied together by the event of JFK being assassinated. What could have been an endless parade of conspiracy stories is actually a neatly woven tapestry of tales approaching the subject from a multitude of angles. Joe Clifford's story is possibly the most paranoid, all the while commenting on the paranoia surrounding the event. Very clever. "November 1963" is a very literary story that makes some subtle commentary on the connection between Lee Harvey Oswald and the gun 'culture' that has sprouted in his wake (at least, that's how I read the story). Chris Rhatigan goes crazy bizarre in his story and Mav Skye takes things, literally, out of the stratosphere. This is one of the most unique journals I've read in a long time.


Monday, 7 October 2013

Noir Nation: International Crime Fiction No. 3

I am thrilled my short story "No Let it Be" is included in the latest Noir Nation 3.
Its packed with some of the best Noir writers in the business. So it is an honour for me to be included in this stellar collection of Noir heavy hitters.

Illustrated with stunning Mehndi tattoos, Noir Nation's India Issue contains over thirty entries from some of the very best literary crime fiction writers in the world, among them Suparn Verma, Samrat X, Yaeer Talker, Bianca Bellova, JJ Toner, Richard Godwin, Simon Rowe, Graham Wynd, David Siddell, and Meeah Cross-Williams; and ace contributions from emerging noir writers Alastair Keen, Terrence P. McCauley, Frauke Schuster, Ryan Gattis, Chelsea L. Clemmons, Gila Green, Paul Alexander, Carmen Tudor, Anthony Pioppi,
Frank Sonderborg; and established hard-boiled wunderkinds Jonathan Sturak, Ed Lynskey, Mark Mellon, Christopher L. Irvin, and Nik Korpon, The issue also includes essays on noir-related poetry, music, and the visual arts by Atar Hadari, Vicki Gundrum, and Robert Brunet and two works of classic noir: "The Turkish Brothel" by the late Cortright McMeel and "The Perfect Courtesan" by Kshemendra. 

Noir Nation: International Crime Fiction No. 3 [Paperback]

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Some great advice about submitting formats from Willam Shunn

 Proper Manuscript Format : Short Story Format

                        by William Shunn

     No one knows for certain how many good short stories are

passed over because the manuscripts containing them are formatted

poorly, but it is certain that a properly formatted manuscript

will be more eagerly read by an editor than a poorly formatted

one.  Here are a few suggestions.

     First, use black type on white paper only.  Other colors

make your work difficult to read, not to mention calling too much

attention to the manuscript itself.  Print on only one side of

the page.

     For easy readability, limit your choice of font to either

Courier or Times New Roman.  Courier (my strong preference) is a

monospaced font, which means that every character is exactly as 
wide as every other.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

It's a miracle that Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits even got made

Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits is a dark fantasy classic. But nobody would fund his movie about time-traveling robbers, and George Harrison had to mortgage his office to get the film made. That's just one of the secrets of Time Bandits in this exclusive excerpt from the book Very Naughty Boys: The Amazing Story of HandMade Films.

Monday, 16 September 2013

A Knife And A Quill

Interview: Noir Nation’s Eddie Vega & Absolutely Kate

Noir Nation
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Friday, 13 September 2013

Great blog about Bouchercon from ~ Absolutely*Kate

R O O K I E  at  B O U C H E R C O N ?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Some great advice about how to write a Thriller

How to commit the perfect murder to paper: Advice from David Thomas, aka Tom Cain 

1) Study the masters…

Before you even try to write a thriller, take a good look at how other people have done it. Read every book you can get your hands on, but watch great TV series and movies, too. The Accident Man was hugely influenced by the way the writers of 24 kept multiple storylines running simultaneously, each with its own cliffhanger, so there was always someone, somewhere, in desperate trouble. 24 was relentless, it never for one moment let you relax. And you always wanted more.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Finally signed a contract for my short story 'Copenhagen Assault' with Pro Se Productions.
They had been sending me emails about the contract. Which I have never received. But finally, one got through so now its just a matter of editing the piece so the Editor is happy with it. I have no idea when this will be released or what the final name of the antholgy will be called.
It started out as a Pulp-alternative edition. But they are running with some many new titles with all sorts of New Pulp and Genre Fiction. That it could easily morph into another form entirely.
But as any Author will tell you, as long as it gets into print I will be very happy.

Thrilled to bits again again. Put forward a concept story 'Copenhagen Assault' that I have worked on for ages and it was accepted by Prose Press.
In fact it was a story that came as a running movie while I went to work each day.
I am so glad Drakes Krew exploits will get published and I hope I can expand it into a full blown eBook, Anyway a big thanks to for the opportunity.
Hi Frank!
Congrats! We've accepted your proposal for Pulpternative!
Just a few things to let you know about:
-Your story should be 10,000 words.
-It is due September 10th.
-You will receive contract on submission of the story.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Morgan Minor
Director of Corporate Operations
Pro Se Productions

PULPTERNATIVE!- This is your chance to write Pulpy tales based in completely alternate histories!  Have Julius Caesar discover America.  Have a milk truck run over Hitler when he’s three.  Have Montezuma take over most of the known world.  Whatever you want to have happen that isn’t what our history says it is, do so…but here’s the rule…These have to be clearly Pulp tales.  No grand philosophizing or comment on society today (unless you can slip it into a pulp cover and get it past us), just pure grade Pulp in histories that might have happened.  10,000 word stories, 3 slots open.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

I am very happy and honoured to be included with my short story -
No Let It Be -  in the new Noir Nation 3 - What a classy act!

Noir Nation is an eBook journal of high quality international crime fiction, essays, and author interviews, illustrated with living art: tattoos.


Thanks for submitting this story to Noir Nation. I loved the poetic quality and voice, and the international flavor. I’d like to use it for Noir Nation 3 

Best wishes!

Eddie Vega

Noir Nation: International Crime Fiction

It was founded by Eddie Vega, Alan Ward Thomas, and the late Cortright McMeel in 2011. Before his untimely passing, McMeel served as Managing Editor and Editor-at-Large.

The Journal, optimized for Kindle, Nook, iPad, and other e-readers, advances works of the literary imagination that explore the darker geographies of human experience. Its aims are two-fold: to entertain readers while deepening their insight about human nature, about themselves or about themselves if new circumstances changed them into the characters  portrayed in our digital pages.

Coming soon 
to, Noir Nation No. 3 
including the new Frank Sonderborg Story - No Let It Be

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Thrilled I have had my short story accepted by
They have some really exciting writers contributing and its just awesome to be a part of it.


Thank you for allowing us to review "Elephants and Eagles" for consideration at Shotgun Honey.

I'm pleased to let you know that your story has been accepted.

I'm happy to see you've made it through the editorial gauntlet. Your story has been tentatively scheduled for September 4th.
Thank you and look forward to seeing future stories.

Friday, 7 June 2013

My short story 'As Heroes Fall' A tale of Violence and Justice has just been published in - 
This antholgy has been complied and edited by UK international bestselling author Matt Hilton. (Joe Hunter series]
Its Bad News for Bad Guys as a Galaxy of Stellar Action Pumped writers

dispense justice from a time when men where men, negotiation rhymed with cordite and women thought Humphrey Bogart was Hot! Hot! Hot!

does exactly what it says on the tin!

Get it now via Amazon.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Here's the final line-up to ACTION: Pulse Pounding Tales Vol 2:
Introduction by Matt Hilton
Dirk Ramm: Unsheathed by Matt Hilton
Sins of Omission by Ian Graham
See Saw by James Oliver Hilton
Uninvited Guests by Rod Glenn
The Missionary by Paul D Brazill
Hard Wood by Tyson Adams
Black Tuesday by Alex Shaw
.50 Contingency Plan by Jochem Vandersteen
Cold Redemption By Les Morris
Kokoro by Andrew Scorah
Get Cutter! By James Hopwood
Jardine Rides Again by Ian McAdam
Jack Be Nimble by Gavin Hunt
Exit Wound by Steve Christie
As Heroes Fall By Frank Sonderborg
Goofy Brings The House Down by Richard Godwin
Grand Central: Terminal by Terrence P. McCauley
The Fixer by Dean Breckenridge
Soup Sandwich by Christopher L. Irvin
Pasnuta Means Arena of Death! by Richard Prosch
Mududa’s Revenge by Graham Smith
97 Ways To Die In Istanbul by Paul Grzegorzek
It’s Noir or Never by Absolutely*Kate
Push by Kevin Michaels
You Only Die Once by Rhesa Sealy
Man About Town by Alan Griffiths
Hanoi Heat by Iain Purdie
Hammertime by Asher Wismer
When The Devil Catches Up by Lee Hughes

Bonus Tale
Suited and Booted by Matt Hilton

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Just had one of my stories accepted for the next
Action: Pulse Pounding Tales Series
 And I am chuffed to bits. Its run by the talented Matt Hilton who is famous for his high octane
Joe Hunter books.
Matt has also written an article about the present state of of publishing for authors and it does make sobering reading if you are a newbie or even a well established writer like Matt.